Arts District

To foster creativity, economic vitality, and cultural experiences through artistic, educational, and commercial endeavors in a dynamic urban community.

The Palm Coast Arts District is a place for social gathering and artistic expression. It will provide a destination for locals and tourists alike and will continue to revitalize the Innovation District in Town Center. The vibrant and humming culture will be fueled by the collaboration of artists with a global outlook, while integrating artistic, residential, cultural, and commercial life. Our Arts District will be a hub of activity that attracts a plethora of businesses. It will offer space for the local community to display beauty and artistry of all kinds, whether it be through a perfectly crafted microbrew, a thought-provoking sculpture, or the clean lines of a 1957 Jaguar.

Extraordinary Art in Ordinary Spaces

Palm Coast is home to 3 very special public art installations, placed within our parks to enhance the beauty of the space and provoke the imagination of the view. Flight of Life at Waterfront Park, Burro with a Bird at Central Park, and Panther at Linear Park are just the beginning of what will someday be an extensive sculptural garden that encompasses the city.


The Turtle Trail is a collaborative project initiated by The Palm Coast Arts Foundation to place sculptures in public community spaces. Using the loggerhead turtle as a model, each piece has a unique theme that is brought to life by local artists. There are a total of 10 turtles currently in Flagler County, with 5 of the turtles nesting on The City of Palm Coast land.

Palm Coast is fortunate to have numerous arts organizations already flourishing in the city. A key goal of the Arts District initiative is to facilitate time and space for the United We Art Council and key stakeholders to meet and work collaboratively to conceive, strategize, and execute community-wide initiatives and programs.

´╗┐African-American Cultural Society, Inc.

Afro American Carribean Heritage Organization

Choral Arts Society City Repertory Theatre

Community Chorus of Palm Coast

Flagler Auditorium

Flagler Performing Arts Academy

The Garden Club at Palm Coast, Inc.

Gargiulo Art Foundation, Inc.

Palm Coast Arts Foundation

Palm Coast United Methodist Church